Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ertito Montana a.k.a. Victor Villayandre born sometime in the twentieth century in Madrid, Spain. Lived a youth full of kung-fu movies, comics and subversive music. Later he became interested ingirls and then came his passion for pin-ups.

After many years of practice has come to totally destroy your technical becoming a real visual disaster but even so, there are still fools who admire his art... fucking nerds...

He is the creator of some papers stapled through the center he calls minicomics, far from what any human being means comics and has been named Zona 00.

He has never won any contest comic and have just published some short stories in publishing low reputation.

If you have the misfortune to see one of his comics you may be bleeding eyes and lose your sanity and your dog urinate on your pillow ... very unreliable. That is why if you feel the need to contact this person to complain vigorously for your misfortunes do it in: yo@ertitomontana.com

Have a nice day.

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